Medium Grip Supinate

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MS006 – Approx 22″ wide (middle finger to middle finger) 

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    mag bar mid width supinate

    Posted by Rob Biasetti on Oct 29th 2019

    Fantastic bar! This width and radioulnar position is ideal for me because doing pulldowns with other bars puts strain on my wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

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    Great pump

    Posted by Sam on Oct 23rd 2019

    Very happy with this purchase, this grip does not disappoint. Unlike anything available in my gym. Needed something new to change up my back workouts and work muscles I struggle to hit. Supinated is pretty unique and serves its purpose.

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    Posted by Lukas Gubka on Oct 10th 2019


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    Medium Grip Supinate

    Posted by Dan Gibson on Oct 4th 2019

    Awesome quality bit of kit.. Targets areas like never before! No blown forearms.. back annihilated!

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    Posted by Jorey on Oct 4th 2019

    This piece of equipment is amazing. I tried it at the Lift Factory in Las Vegas and had to bring it into my gym at home. I love the grip, makes it easier to lift heavier, and I feel it so much more in my back

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    Posted by Jensen on Sep 10th 2019

    Construction quality is top notch. Will last forever. The feel of this attachment is significantly different from other traditional pieces. Definitely more in the back muscles and less in the arms. This is my first MAG purchase. I’ll probably eventually purchase several others.

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    Medium Grip Supinate

    Posted by Tishon on Aug 19th 2019

    The medium grip supinate is great for the width of my lats. My back muscles is filling in with great details. I am still exploring exciting new ways to utilize the Medium Grip Supinate. Great buy and will purchase the other versions soon.

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    Top Notch

    Posted by Brian on Aug 13th 2019

    I came upon this handle at a gym I used to use before I moved. It was the property of a personal trainer and bodybuilder and I used it a bunch of times before I recently purchased my own. I LOVE it. I use it for every angle- high rows, low rows, a modified version of a face pull, pulldowns. Even Pullovers. You will get every part of your back and find different positions to progressively overload that are more advantageous with this hand position. I recommend to any newbie who wants to feel different tension and of course any advance lifter who likes to mix it up. Eventually, I will own every one of the handles.

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    Miguel Barbosa

    Posted by Miguel Barbosa on Jul 23rd 2019

    Received this in my mail on Monday, and this morning Tuesday I put it right to use and man is it the best investment I have made