Medium Grip Neutral

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MN004 HTS 9506.91.0000

MN004 – Approx 22″ wide (middle finger to middle finger) 

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    MAG Medium Grip Neutral is high end

    Posted by Karen on Jun 23rd 2024

    The grip works great. It is a pleasure to use. Note that the dimensions of the attachment hole are such that you can't use a "normal" carabiner like the SMC Force Oval Carabiner. I used the 4-inch KINLINK Spring Snap Clip from Amazon. It would be nice if MAG offered this on their web site, or at least posted the link. .

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    Posted by Jeanette Hootman on Jan 23rd 2024

    I actually now have 2 mag bars one is the shower one and now this one. I get asked by a lot of people where did I get these bars I tell them. My old trainer got me hooked on them. Great product will always look to buy more.

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    Well made product

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 27th 2023

    I’m a personal trainer and I have bought a few pieces of the MAG grips for the gym I work out of. They are the most commonly used attachments for the cable machines. My clients love them and prefer to use them. They reduced the grip necessary to hold the resistance allowing for you to more easily focus on the targeted muscle. I highly recommend them.

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    Medium neutral grip

    Posted by Pádraig on Jul 26th 2023

    This is the second time I have ordered off Maxagrip and the second time I was left very happy. Fast shipping, immaculate, undamaged, well packed products
    Very comfortable grip.

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    Posted by David Frick on May 15th 2023

    This bar allows my shoulder, neck and back muscles to move in the most natural way possible, with no crimping or impingement. My hands no longer and the weakest link in the chain, and therefore I am moving more weight.

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    Medium Grip Neutral

    Posted by Julian on Mar 27th 2023

    I love the feel/grip and the confidence it gives me when using it

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    Medium Grip Neutral

    Posted by Joe on Mar 7th 2023

    Long time serious bodybuilder. Just got 4 different Mag Grips. All are very effective in their own way. Quality items, quick processing time/communication and fast/securely packed shipping. Highly recommended!

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    Great investment

    Posted by Dustin Biegenwald on Feb 25th 2023

    I have a full time membership and a parting member ship at another gym since it’s open 24 hours. It helps working night shift. Well the small part time gym has these handles and once I tried them I didn’t want to train without them. The gym I prefer to go to doesn’t have them so I decided to buy my own. I researched for a while and found many knock off brands for much cheaper. Whole sets for low prices, but I decided to go with the originals! Best decision. The difference in quality is night and day as far as the thickness of the steel the size of the whole to connect them the coating it’s wrapped with. The handle shape is not the same. You get what you pay for. I own the pronate, supinate and now the neutral. I’m going to have the whole set baby!

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    The best

    Posted by Chad on Feb 1st 2023

    I purchased these grips after using them in my gym for many years and decided to build a home gym. They were the cable accessory I missed the most, also the most used lat pull-down accessory used at that gym by members. The most natural ergonomic grip in the hand and angle for lat pull-down. I also have the medium pronate. Those I use for seated rows. Highly recommend.