Medium Grip Supinate

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MS006 – Approx 22″ wide (middle finger to middle finger) 

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    Pump for days

    Posted by Laz on Jan 19th 2020

    Heard a lot about these grips and I can attest, it’s no hype. These attachments give you a degree of isolation you can’t get with anything else. The curvature of the “bar” lets you contract fully and really get that mind muscle connection we are all after. I have 3 attachments so far, I’m ordering the whole collection as soon as I can.

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    MAG medium width bar

    Posted by Baudelio Hernandez on Jan 3rd 2020

    There is no words this bar is ******* AMAZING. I usually do lat pull downs with a regular sized bar, Ive attempted doing reverse grip always ends up hurting my wrists to the point where I don’t even feel my lats engage. Doesn’t matter how wide or close, or if I switch up my grip I can’t ever feel them. As soon as I got my hands on this bad boy first 3 reps my back was on fire. This is by far the best bar I’ve ever used. I would highly recommend this to anyone struggling to feel a good mind to muscle connection on their back.

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    Great Product!!!!

    Posted by Harry on Dec 2nd 2019

    This is a great and awesome bar! It really attacks the muscle like what it is designed for. Can't wait to order more.
    Thank You!

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    Best grip ever!

    Posted by MINGI LEE on Nov 27th 2019

    User review from South Korea.

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    Medium Grip Supinate

    Posted by Dave on Nov 22nd 2019

    This grip, along with another grip from this company has changed my back workout routine forever. I've been lifting since high school in late 80's and I wish I had this all along. The grip takes so much effort off of your fingers/thumb and places it squarely on your back. I guy at the gym told me 5-6 years ago to place my thumb on the same side of the bar as my fingers when doing back exercises. These grips force you do to that which, in my opinion, is a great thing. My lats were sore for three days after using this grip on cable rows and lat pull-downs. I can not recommend this grip enough. Order one, you will not be disappointed!

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    Best products so far

    Posted by Chris on Nov 5th 2019

    Best products so far, that's why I bought it. I found it at a pro-gym overseas, and I used that entire week I was there. Came home immediately ordered. 43 years of experiences in body building.

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    Medium grip subinate

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 4th 2019

    I love this grip. My forearms and biceps don’t give out until my lats do. With the grip position you can feel a great stretch at the top and nice squeeze at the bottom. I take it to the gym and everyone wants to use or asks me to bring it on their back days. Definitely a 5 star rating and a gym favorite.

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    mag bar mid width supinate

    Posted by Rob Biasetti on Oct 29th 2019

    Fantastic bar! This width and radioulnar position is ideal for me because doing pulldowns with other bars puts strain on my wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

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    Great pump

    Posted by Sam on Oct 23rd 2019

    Very happy with this purchase, this grip does not disappoint. Unlike anything available in my gym. Needed something new to change up my back workouts and work muscles I struggle to hit. Supinated is pretty unique and serves its purpose.